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3 Steps To Profit Contest

Contest Prizes & Rules

(Please read the rules prior to entry to ensure you understand and agree)

  • First Prize: $149 Cash (PayPal)
  • Second Prize: $99 Cash (PayPal)
  • Third Prize: $99 Cash (PayPal)
  • Fourth Prize: 0.005 Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Fifth Prize: 0.2 Ethereum (ETH)
  • Sixth Prize: 1 Litecoin (LTC)
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YOU WILL HAVE TO CONFIRM YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS (Twice) TO ENTER THIS CONTEST… One confirmation email will be from me (Perry), and another confirmation email will be from the contest software (TrazeAll). Once you confirm both, you will be successfully entered in the contest!
**If you don't see any confirmation messages, please check your “Spam” folder, they may be there – just make sure to mark them as not spam…
The contest will end on July 17, 2020.
The 1st through 3rd cash prizes can be used however you want because it will be in PayPal cash – the money amounts were derived from the cost of the 3 Steps To Profit annual plan ($149) and the 6-month plan ($99)…

About The 3 Steps To Profit System…

In the “Home Based Business” industry, it doesn't matter what works for leaders. What matters is what is easily duplicated for anyone. Even the newest of newbies!! Finally, a true easy to duplicate 3 step to profits system using Facebook.

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Contestants with the highest number of points will WIN!
Points will be awarded based on the four criterion listed below:
5 points – Signup
5 points – View website
20 points – Per Social Media Share
25 points – Per Referral
You must have a PayPal account to win…
To win the cryptocurrency, you must have a valid address. All winners will be featured on the Hampton Network Facebook Business Page!
You will win the actual cryptocurrency and not the dollar amount, this means that whatever price the cryptocurrency is trading at on the day the contest finishes, that will be the value of the cryptocurrency (if the crypto is trading higher, your value will be higher, if it's trading lower, your value will be lower) – either way, it's win-win for you!
There will be additional prizes throughout the contest based on the number of referrals or shares you're giving and or contributing to the contest. The prizes are listed below and the amount of referrals and shares required to win them!
5 Shares = [Action Guide] 48 Social Media Post Ideas (PDF)
5 Referrals = [Action Guide] 9 Habits of Financially Successful People (PDF)
If you have any questions regarding this contest, please email support@hamptonnetwork.com