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Legendary Marketer Review – My Honest Opinion

I am very pleased to give you an honest review of the Legendary Marketer Platform.  In order to provide an honest review, I had to make a purchase from this company so I could see how they operate. 

I am so very happy that I decided to become a part of this great company! 

I did not make this decision lightly because you should never make a hasty decision about anything. Alternatively, I am happy that I took action and implement everything I was taught and it has worked out perfectly. 

Since I’ve joined this company, I have accomplished a lot, (including, but not limited to):

  • Started my very own online businesses
  • Created numerous sales funnels
  • Developed websites and blogs
  • Published ad campaigns (including solo ads)
  • Set up email autoresponders
  • Created Social Media Accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube Channel)
  • Made Sales!!

My Journey Began

I joined Legendary Marketer in April 2019, so I am just getting started.  Since I’ve joined, I have learned so much about affiliate marketing and online business. 

I have also learned that you will need to have lots and lots of patience, determination, and focus. 

Having your very own online business(es) is not easy. There will be lots of times when you’re frustrated and anxious because it does take some time to make money online unless you’re just lucky! 

Since I’ve started my online businesses, I have invested lots of money in myself. This is something that is critical – you must invest in yourself! 

You must also be action-oriented and not be afraid of failure, because, at times, you will fail.  It is more important to improvise, adapt, and overcome any failures that you may encounter and learn from them. 

My Advice To You

Most of all – DON’T QUIT!!  Most people just simply give up.  They will never realize the freedom and life-changing events that could’ve taken place. 

Procrastination should NOT be an option for you! 

You will also have to take the initiative and research some things on your own. Legendary Marketer will teach you a lot, but you should also learn some things on your own and implement them…  

Remember to TAKE ACTION!  You should train yourself to create one piece of content per day or do something to optimize your business every day.  This way, it becomes habitual and you will see excellent results!

During your journey, you will also encounter something known as “Shiny Object Syndrome”. 

This is when you try to utilize too many different platforms and software tools.  By doing so, you will lose focus on what you’re really trying to achieve – success. 

If you find that you’re a victim of this issue, just remember to stay focused on 1 or 2 platforms.  Once you master them first, then move on to something else. 

I have to be honest, this has happened to me in the past.  Then I became laser-focused on my business and stopped using too many platforms. 

It was at that point that I started seeing much better results in my business! 

I hate to keep rambling on about this, but it is extremely important! You must stay focused on your business, and don’t be overwhelmed by “Shiny Object Syndrome”…

Everything I’ve mentioned so far, I learned most of it from Legendary Marketer.  I am so grateful for their expertise, training, and coaching.  Now I will move on with the review.

 I would like the start the Legendary Marketer Review off with a brief introduction of the company.  Who they are, and what they stand for.

Legendary Marketer – The Company

Legendary Marketer was founded by David Sharpe, he is also the CEO of the company. 

He has founded 3 multi-million dollar companies from the ground up and has earned over $250 billion in sales and has trained more than 500,000 entrepreneurs worldwide! 

The company’s mission is basically to help people start and run their own online businesses through comprehensive training, coaching, mentoring, and mastermind events. 

They teach the necessary business and marketing skills & cutting-edge marketing strategies so you can obtain a high level of confidence and success. 

Let me ask you a question, wouldn’t you like to be a part of this great company??  Let’s move on to the product line.

Legendary Marketer – PRODUCTS

The 15-Day Online Business Builder Challenge

As part of this Legendary Marketer Review, I will discuss the available products. 

The 15-Day Online Business Builder Challenge is a very task-oriented and action-oriented experience.  It will prepare you for the challenges of running your very own successful online business

Each day, you will have tasks to complete that will help you on your journey to becoming an entrepreneur. 

The tasks consist of watching videos, completing a business plan, and speaking with your very own business advisor. 

You will also complete a quiz and other necessary items that will help you along the way. 

This challenge was very important to my success because it was my first entry into the world of online business.

I didn’t realize that there was so much involved with starting an online business

This will challenge you; I would even say that it is very intense, but at the same time, it is easy to follow along with the training. 

The website is beautifully designed and very easy to navigate, you will be impressed by the website’s ease-of-use. 

  Once you’ve completed the challenge, you will have the necessary skills, tools, and mindset to start and run your own online business!

Legendary Marketers Club 

This is a very comprehensive training package that is subscription-based.  In this Legendary Marketer Review, you will learn how to grow and scale your business and as a member. 

Additionally,  you will also have access to weekly Q&A webinars from 6 and 7-figure marketers!

 This training will give you insight into how online marketing is done.  You will be provided with lots of Done-For-You (DFY) content that will save you lots of time. 

Here are some of the many things you will get as part of the Legendary Marketers Club:

  • Private business success coach
  • Done For You ad copy
  • Done For You video ads (unique to this system)
  • Video training with Dave
  • High commission products on the back-end
  • Traffic and lead generation
  • Done For You email follow-up sequences
  • Sales funnels

Traffic Rolodex Bundle

In this bundle, there are 8 different individual courses, including (but not limited to) YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. 

You will also get training on how to create compliant landing pages on each platform.  You will be able to watch these courses over and over at your convenience and learn to master each platform. 

Getting traffic is a very important aspect of your business.  Without it, you wouldn’t have a business and you wouldn’t make any sales.  Driving traffic to your business is crucial and this training is critical to your success as an entrepreneur. 

I highly suggest that you take complete advantage of this training and implement the strategies they teach, and you will be successful.  Remember, without traffic, you don’t have a business!  This training is awesome, and it has helped me so much in my business!

Affiliate Marketing Business Blueprint

This blueprint is focused solely on training you on affiliate marketing and how to be successful online just like the 99% of people who first get started in this business. 

This blueprint will teach you all about affiliate marketing and how to filter through the hundreds and thousands of products online. 

It will also teach you how to find the best and most profitable products online so you can be successful in your business, but more importantly, make your first sale! 

For the most part, everyone starts off with affiliate marketing and in my opinion, it is one of the easiest ways to start. 

There are so many affiliate programs/networks available to you when you start.  There are different types of affiliate programs/networks such as (but not limited to):

  • Amazon Affiliates
  • Clickbank
  • Warrior Plus
  • JV Zoo
  • Share-a-Sale
  • Walmart
  • eBay
  • Bluehost

Depending on your business, you will decide which one works best for you.

Digital Products Business Blueprint 

This blueprint will teach you all about digital products and the associated complexities that come along with them. Including terms of international shipping, taxes, laws, inventory management, and so forth. 

Digital products can be sold and resold time and time again, they are endless.  You will also learn how to turn your own knowledge into a digital form and sell it! 

There are so many software programs available to assist you with digital product creation.  Digital products include (but not limited to):

  • eBooks
  • Articles
  • Reports
  • Resource Guides
  • Cheatsheets
  • Mind Maps
  • Digital Courses
  • Infographics

Coaching and Consulting Business Blueprint

You will be able to speak with coaches and consultants via Skype or webinar about how to start your business and generating revenue. 

You will have discussions regarding identifying niches and how to deliver your services, scaling, and growing your business. 

This is a great blueprint because you will have access to the best experts in the field of:

  1. Online Business
  2. Affiliate Marketing
  3. Profit Maximization

Coaching and consulting is extremely vital to your success because you get to learn first-hand from successful people.  These folks have already accomplished what you’re trying to do. 

They bring a lot of experience and expertise to the table.  By learning from them, you will be more successful than you could ever imagine!

Events and Masterminds Business Blueprint

It is easy to become complacent and lose sight of personal interaction in this digital world.  With this blueprint, you will have the opportunity to network and interact with people live and in person

You will learn how to successfully facilitate, plan, and host live events and how to profit from your own live event/mastermind.   

Networking in-person is very different from interacting via a webinar or a similar platform. 

Both are effective, but interacting in-person allows you to observe the body language of the other person. 

This way, you can see how driven, honest, and passionate they are about business and success.

Legendary Marketer Review – Conclusion

In conclusion, I will say that Legendary Marketer is one of the best platforms available!  If you employ the strategies they teach you in your business(es), you will be successful. 

There are a lot of similar platforms available, but they don’t have the plethora of training, coaching, mentorship, and expertise of Legendary Marketer. 

As I mentioned earlier, success doesn’t come easy.  You will need to put in the necessary work in order to become successful at anything.  

When you get started, don’t just assume that you are going to start making sales instantly.  It takes time – for some, it will take much longer than others depending on your work ethic. 

The key to success is – never, ever quit!!  So, if you want to learn all about:

And so much more, then Legendary Marketer is for you!

Would you like to learn how to set up your own online business and how to properly implement sales funnels?  Click here to join Legendary Marketer!  

Thanks very much for reading this article and if you found value by reading it, please feel free to share it with anyone who may benefit from it as well! 

I truly wish you the very best of success with your business and all your future endeavors!

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